Robot Has No Heart

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A robot that does not have a heart

Exercises in holiday recreation

In days gone by, before even when I was a young lad, the kids engaged in wholesome entertainment on their holidays. Chasing a wheel down the road, playing with wooden trains, arts and crafts. None of these newfangled electronics. Their eyes were round, not square. Last night my brother and I recaptured this spirit by eschewing the computer, the TV – we built something with our bare hands. A maddening patchwork of skewers and string, cardboard and bluetack. We created the Cockney Monster:

An abominable assemblage by any standards, it was begging for death towards the end. Nevertheless, we left it standing overnight for observation and discussion by the family over breakfast. I stabbed myself in the finger with a skewer while making this. Detail shots and tasty trivia on flickr.

Cockney Monster - Ramps
Cockney Monster - Pulley System
Cockney Monster - Marble Transfer
Cockney Monster - Full shot

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