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The Road To Berlin

Saturday, Noon: Let’s roll
1:30pm: Join the wrong check-in line
2:12pm: 1 litre kahlua, 1 litre vanilla absolut vodka: $47
2:31pm: Almost get arrested for having a butter knife in my carry on luggage – it’s been there for months :(
3:42pm: Kevin in 41B says “join the rest of the cattle”
4:16pm: First ever tiger beer
4:25pm: I am totally going to to speed run Mario
4:27pm: Nintendo locks up, resisting even a total system reboot
5:20pm: Vege 4TW, get served first
5:54pm: Kevin in 41B says “we have a convert” (Tiger #3)
6:31pm: Dance geekery – you could sort out some partnered finger chorey
9:37pm: “Excuse me sir, Johnny Walker for you?” (black)
9:38pm: 1 lemon + JW, 1 JW black, 1 lemon + JW
9:46pm: Band leader at Singapore airport: “I have a bet with the guy on keys, natural curls?”
9:57pm: 1 JW black, 1 lemon + JW
10:17pm: “Free internet” ain’t so free. Enjoying a pint instead.
11:45pm: Wake up infront of a horrible vege meal with a hangover
Sunday, 4:00am: Lufthansa food is inedible
4:35am: I am figuring a jazz routine to a live version of Buble’s Moondance
7:20am: Frankfurt to Berlin flight departure gate changed
7:40am: While on the tarmac, flight delayed 1 hour
9:45am (25 hours later): Yes, thank you, it’s good to be here

UPDATE: Do read the even more exciting sequel, The Road Home

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