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A robot that does not have a heart

New job

The plan was to stay on holiday until I ran out of money. Things changed when I got asked to apply for a job that looked really awesome.

As of Monday, I will be employed as a full time Ruby on Rails developer for RedBubble. I’m really excited about this. They are a small company – around 10 people – with 4 existing, very talented developers. I went out socialising with them all after my second interview last Thursday and everyone seems really cool. Their processes are top notch and their tools are excellent (Rails on Mac – hooray!). The company seems to realise what it needs to motivate their developers – to give you some examples, they’ve had Koz (from the rails core team) in to help improve their stuff, and they’re sending their head developer over to railsconf.

Speaking of awesome people – Martin Fowler came along to the last Melbourne Ruby User’s Group omg omg omg * hero worship *.

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