Robot Has No Heart

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A robot that does not have a heart

Mode Errors in Mobile Phones

A recent post on the humanized weblog has got me thinking about mode errors in software I use often.

One particularly nasty one occurs on my Nokia 2100 phone when sending SMS messages. After selecting “send”, a box is displayed to enter the destination number. To select a contact from your address book, you press button A. However, if a number is already present in the entry box (if you are replying to a message, and in other circumstances whose criteria I am uncertain of), the same button A sends the message!

The implication? My reflex action is to press button A immediately after selecting “send” to go to my address book. Twice in the past two days there has already (unexpectedly!) been a number there, causing me to send a message to the wrong person.

What potentially embarrassing or disastrous mode errors do you deal with regularly?

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