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inject and collect with jQuery

You know, I would have thought someone had already made an enumerable plugin for jQuery. Maybe someone has. Mine is better.

  • Complete coverage with screw-unit
  • Interface so consistent with jQuery you’ll think it was core
squares = $([1,2,3]).collect(function () {
  return this * this;
squares // => [1, 4, 9]

It’s on github. It deliberately doesn’t have the kitchen sink – fork and add methods you need, there’s enough code it should be obvious the correct way to do it.

As an aside, it’s really hard to spec these methods concisely. I consulted the rubyspec project and it turns out they had trouble as well, check out this all encompassing spec for inject: “Enumerable#inject: inject with argument takes a block with an accumulator (with argument as initial value) and the current element. Value of block becomes new accumulator”. Bit of a mouthful eh.

Post your improvements in the comments.

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