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Introducing Clerk Simon

Someone sends you an email and you want to add them to your LDAP address book, but your email client doesn’t support it *cough*thunderbird*cough*. If you think the next best way would be to just forward that email somewhere and have someone else take care of it, then allow me to introduce Clerk Simon. He’s quite attentive when it comes to such matters, and fully certified to boot. Full details at that link, check it out.

bzr co
cd clerk_simon
cp config.sample.yml config.yml # Edit to taste
bin/clerk_simon config.yml

Get with the times: IMAP

Last night I bought a fastmail account that I can use to host my mail. It supports IMAP. I really should have found out about this a long time ago, I’ve been living in the POP dark ages. I’m not going to list the benefits – many have done so before. I’m just going to say: If you’re still using POP, stop kidding yourself and get on to IMAP. Your quality of life will improve.

  • Posted on October 31, 2007
  • Tagged code, email

Gmail and PGP

Recently I set myself up to be able to use PGP signing and encryption with Thunderbird. Privacy: it’ll cure what ails ya. That’s all well and great when I’m at home, but it’s kind of hard to use my desktop when I’m roaming the wild savannah of Africa. The two webmail products I use don’t support PGP (gmail and the one provided by my hosting). So I’ve started work on a mouseHole script – PgPirate – that checks the code before it hits my browser and processes all the PGP stuff for me. Next step is to get it installed on a USB flash drive with ProxyLike so I can use it on most any other computer I happen to find myself using.

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