Robot Has No Heart

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A robot that does not have a heart

SwinBrain Article Suggestion

I’d like to see Game Physics at least mention using Verlet integration as opposed to Euler or RK. I have personally found it much easier to use, especially when you get to dealing with collisions. It’s much easier to keep your system stable. They also use it in industry, so I think it’s a worthwhile addition (well, at least Hitman – there’s a gamasutra article about it somewhere).

You see, I don’t have an account to add this stuff myself…

  • Posted on June 18, 2007
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Byteclub reader

Finally got around to setting up a planet for byteclub. Only “Robert’s Comments” was removed because it had heaps of spam comments (Robert: Let me know when this problem is rectified). Also, this is not currently synced in any way, so no new people will show up.

  • Posted on June 07, 2007
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