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Speeding up Rails Initialization

Chad Wooley just posted a tip to get rails starting up faster. Which is real, except it doesn’t work if you’re using ActiveScaffold. This is due to a load ordering problem – ActiveScaffold monkey patches the Resource class used by routes after routes have been parsed the first time, and relies on the re-parsing triggered by the inflections change.

To fix this, you can explicitly require the monkey patch just before you draw your routes (it doesn’t depend on anything else in ActiveScaffold).

# config/routes.rb
ActionController::Routing::Routes.draw do |map|
  # Explicitly require this, otherwise it won't get loaded before we parse our resources time
  require 'vendor/plugins/active_scaffold/lib/extensions/resources.rb'

  # Your routes go here...

Yes it’s a hack on top of hack, but I get my console 30% quicker, so I’m running with it.

Tested on 2.0.2

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