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I don't want preferences

Or why I’m writing another blog engine for ruby

I’ve been running this site on Mephisto for a number of months now. It is fantastic at what it does, but I’ve just recently realised it’s not what I want.

I want to configure my blog by hacking code

I don’t want preferences or theme support – I want to edit code. Mephisto isn’t great for this – it uses non standard routing (everything goes through dispatch), it uses liquid templates. I feel like I have to learn Mephisto to hack it.
SimpleLog is another rails option, but it sucks because it reads like a PHP app, and I don’t want to be hacking that. It’s built to be configured, not to be hacked.

So here is my grand plan.

An opinionated blog engine that does things my way. OpenID login, XHTML valid default template, RESTful stuff, code highlighting in comments, etc…
To install, you branch my master git repo and customize away. You can just keep rebasing to get all the trunk updates. You can publish a ‘theme’ in the form of a patch against trunk. The code is going to be lean since I don’t need to accommodate for 5, 10 or 15 articles per page, so it will be easy to comprehend.

Basically, it’s so you can write your own blog without having to worry about boring stuff like admin, defensio integration, and OpenID auth.

I wonder what I’ll call it.

UPDATE: Look I made it – Enki

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